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Windbreaker Chapter 455: The Backstory

Windbreaker Chapter 455

Windbreaker Chapter 455 is released. We can see Dakeda and Jay were having a conversation where Dakeda tells Jay about her brother and his uncle’s past. We can see them attending the same academy. We can see about how their school life went and why they want to become a professional cyclist. The passion Mahon Jo had for cycling can see that.

Windbreaker Chapter 455

Stand for Mahon:

Windbreaker Chapter 455

We can see some yakuza guys make fun of Mahon jo but Dakeda’s brother takes stand for him and beats the guys but in the end they get beat up too. After that their homeroom teacher also tells them to be in disciplined.

Mahon Jo Struggle:

We can see Mahon Jo also faces the same problems as Jay. Their family does not support him and tells him to study only Mahon Jo can understand the joy he has for cycling.

The Race competition:

We can also see some panels of the Race competition in which Mahon Jo and Dakeda’s brother Participated. We can see Dakeda’s brother also cheering up Mahon Jo when he was sad.

What is the money for:

Windbreaker Chapter 455

In the end we can see Dakeda’s brother taking money from some gangsters as he looks very sad Mahon Jo noticed this from the other side when he saw the whole scene and the chapter ends here.


You can read this on Naver Webtoon.


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