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India’s First Apple store


India’s first Apple store opened on 18 April in Mumbai – Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). It was on under-construction a  few months ago but now it is completed.

India's First Apple store

India’s First Apple Store official Wallpaper

Apple  has shared this wallpaper for their first launch in India. The theme is selected as black and white as there are taxis in Mumbai which are black and white and its from a long time so the idea  originated from there.

Apple Trade Process

The people who wants to trade their iPhone for newer versions of phones of any apple accessory they can do it its not limited to only iPhone now as before because when you trade your mobile you can get apple credits from which you can just buy anything in the apple store within those credits even if its a accessory, iPhone or MacBook . If your credit is 70000 then if you buy a MacBook your 70000 amount will be less on the bill regarding that MacBook that’s how the credit system works .

Apple store benefits

  • Now you can get an Apple store specialist who will help you to buy products according to your needs so if you are confused you can just ask for help from apple store specialist.
  •  You can get gift cards from the apple store if you want to gift someone.
  • You will get Apple Genius Bar which is basically a service and support for your device as you know there are people who don’t get satisfactory result from apple retailer stores. Sometimes they just avoid your problems but it will not happen in Genius Bar as Apple do maintain their standards and give satisfactory results to their customers.
  • If you have a business you will get support from Apple regarding what Products will be best for your business. For example if you have a team in your business as a producer or if you have a studio every person has different work some will edit a video some will do other work so they will help you according to your needs.


Now you can see each color of each product from Apple in Apple stores like MacBook, iPhone, watches or cases. etc.

You can check each and everything in the Apple store so you can choose easily which color or products suits your needs as in retail stores you don’t get these benefits there are limitations on everything.


The prices in Apple stores will not be less. You will see some offers but you will get the best discounts on online platforms as in many countries the online platforms have more discounts than Apple stores. As for the experience you can visit the apple store and make your decision.



G1-G2, Jio World Drive
Bandra Kurla Complex
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400051
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