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“Lookism” stands out as a thought-provoking and unique series that delves into the themes of appearance, discrimination, and personal growth. Basically how the world see you on your looks and personality development.

The Premise of “Lookism”:

“Lookism,” created by Park Tae-joon, explores the concept of physical attractiveness and its influence on society. The story revolves around the protagonist, Daniel Park, a high school student who experiences harsh bullying due to his unattractive appearance. However, after an unexpected twist of fate, Daniel’s consciousness is transferred into the other body of a handsome boy. This body swap sets the stage for a compelling exploration of the stark contrasts and challenges faced by individuals based on their looks.

Tackling Appearance-Based Discrimination:

One of the central themes of “Lookism” is appearance-based discrimination. The manga sheds light on the pervasive nature of societal bias, where people are judged and treated differently based on their looks. Through Daniel’s journey, the narrative highlights the struggles faced by individuals who are deemed less attractive or physically disadvantaged. By portraying these issues in a relatable and empathetic manner, “Lookism” invites readers to reflect on their own biases and the impact they have on others.

The Power of Transformation and Self-Acceptance:

While the body-swapping aspect of “Lookism” adds an exciting twist, it serves a more significant purpose in the story. As Daniel experiences life in a new body, he not only gains firsthand insight into the privileges and advantages enjoyed by attractive individuals but also learns to appreciate the value of inner beauty. The manga emphasizes that true self-worth lies in embracing one’s unique qualities and cultivating personal growth, rather than fixating solely on external appearances.

Diverse and Multidimensional Characters:

“Lookism” captivates readers with its diverse range of characters, each with their own struggles and personal growth arcs. The manga emphasizes the multidimensionality of individuals and challenges stereotypes. From strong female characters breaking societal expectations to nuanced portrayals of male characters dealing with body image issues, “Lookism” offers a refreshing perspective on the complexities of human nature.

Empowering and Inspiring Readers:

Beyond its exploration of appearance-based discrimination, “Lookism” serves as an empowering tale that encourages readers to confront their insecurities and embrace their individuality. Through the engaging narrative and relatable characters, the manga inspires readers to challenge societal expectations and foster a more inclusive and accepting world.


“Lookism” is a remarkable manga that tackles appearance-based discrimination head-on while highlighting the importance of self-acceptance and personal growth. Its thought-provoking storytelling and diverse cast of characters captivate readers, fostering empathy and understanding. By addressing these crucial themes, “Lookism” prompts us to reflect on our own biases and prejudices, ultimately inspiring us to embrace diversity and redefine societal standards of beauty. This manga serves as a powerful reminder that true beauty lies not in physical appearance alone but in the strength and character found within each individual.


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